Whatever It Is That Brings You To Tears: Do It


I’ve had lugezigezi all my life. This is in my training, as a proper daughter of my father who is famous in the law fraternity for doing whatever the hell he likes while being able to back it up using brilliance. You’d think he would be decent enough to be bad at his job, if he was going to be the kind of person to wear sandals to court. So when I feel passionate about things, I subject my interest to scrutiny to ensure that it’s genuine and not just ... Read More »

If Anybody is Looking at You, Tell Them: FREE ME!


On The 9th of January, I gave my first TED talk. I was so excited about it that I danced onto the stage to the beat of African Skank. I danced so raucously that my microphone flew off and the team had to set me up again. My talk was titled Women and Spaces and the theme of the night was ‘Owning My Destiny’. When the video is released I will upload it here dabo-time! Otherwise, here it is for you to peruse at your leisure! My deal, the thing that ... Read More »

Sometimes, All You Need is Six Weeks.


As I left for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, I was depressed. I was in a place where I thought it was normal to wake up at the same time every night to cry for no discernible reason. I wondered  how I could be feeling like a video buffering over a bad internet connection while on the cusp of such a huge opportunity, where less than one percent of all the applicants had gotten in. The reasons why are becoming clear to me. I wore Fitclique256, wrapped ... Read More »

I’m Getting too Old For This Kind Of Thing.


Birthdays are a time of self-indulgence, more dancing than is decent and reflection. I have been reflecting particularly hard this year because  it’s my 25th! I finally feel like some sort of adult. When my new work family bought cake and ice cream to celebrate, one of the ladies asked how old I’m turning. It was with much gravity, gravitas that I said, “25, a quarter of a century, you know?” and it was with loud laughter that she said, “25?!? I’ve got shoes older than you. Babies!” This reaction ... Read More »

Could you, um, please take my picture?


To everybody who told me to get a good camera before leaving for ‘outside countries’, you were right. I was wrong. My tecno phone and all of it’s 8 megapixels did very little for me. In fact it died and then got lost in one of the hotels we stayed in. Few things are more destructive to your dignity than chasing people down for pictures they have taken of you using their tablets and cameras. First of all you’re desperate. You’re being a pest, and then you are annoyed with ... Read More »

Katogo and Malayas in Small Shorts

Oh God this katogo

I love wotellis. I like how they usually have one coat of blue paint and a cracking plastic carpet. Sometimes their furniture surprises you as in the case of my new Bukoto joint. This place has one table, four chairs and a bench. The wood and design of their table is impressive, the kind you would find in a place like Mish Mash. The room is lit by a hurricane lamp in the corner. I discovered it on a drizzly morning, one of those when I had left the house ... Read More »

Somebody Please Pass the Anesthetic.


I often write about teeth. For example I have told you of how I am attracted to people with well packed mouths because I have about 12 functioning teeth. I have also written about how I freaked a guy out once by insisting on kissing his teeth. Well friends, here is yet another one about these little mouth bones that I have such a tragi-comic relationship with. Recently an infection coincided with me staying for three nights in the hospital with my little sister whose face had been tempered with ... Read More »

Dear God: Protect My Accent, Amen.

When you use your phone for communication, as a hotspot and as your office, it’s on a constant doze, blacking out more often than pigs in farms around this pork-obsessed city. Peter Eriki called over thrice before he managed to reach me with the great news that I and my business- Fitclique256 had been nominated for a spot on the invitee list to TedxYouth Lake Bunyonyi. Would I be interested in taking an all-expense paid trip to Entusi Resort to network and listen to young change makers speak about leadership ... Read More »

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